KW 41: Why IT security needs reorganizing, Cooperation partnership between FIC and SCSD, Promote cybersecurity awareness!


Why IT security needs reorganizing: The recent surge in digitization and the increased occurrence of remote working has led to a greater need for cybersecurity. According to the study “Cyber Security 2020” by Computerwoche and Cio in cooperation with Microsoft, Cisco Secure, DriveLock, F-Secure, Infinigate, McAfee, Micro Focus, TrendMicro and Airlock, more than three quarters of companies surveyed want to invest more in IT security. But their concepts are often inconclusive: securing cloud services is particularly important for remote work. But according to the companies, this is not one of the biggest security tasks. It is the endpoints that cause companies the greatest problems – they lack appropriate security guidelines.

Cooperation partnership between FIC and SCSD: At the most important European event in the field of digital security, the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) in Lille, the organizers of the FIC and the Swiss Cyber Security Day (SCSD) signed a strategic partnership. The main aim is to strengthen innovation, research and the development of European industrial projects and to promote trust in digitization. Another goal is to consolidate relations between Switzerland and France in the field of cybersecurity.

Datastore is expanding its cybersecurity portfolio: The Swiss distributor Datastore has expanded its cybersecurity portfolio with the Onespan Trusted Identity platform. Onespan enables companies to combine various processes such as identity checks, fraud prevention, electronic signatures or mobile security or to implement them in subsystems.

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Rockwell Automation takes over Oylo: Rockwell Automation is one of the world’s largest, specialized manufacturers of automation and information solutions for industrial production. The American company has now announced that it has taken over the Spanish cybersecurity provider Oylo. Oylo offers cybersecurity services and solutions for industrial control systems such as risk assessments, turnkey implementations or administration services. The takeover is intended to expand the range of cybersecurity services for the industrial market.

Promote cybersecurity awareness! The further training of employees in matters of IT security solutions not only promotes so-called cybersecurity awareness, but also helps them to be more security conscious. According to the “Cybersecurity Awareness Study 2020”, 96 percent of companies conduct security awareness training. Such training includes various training measures to sensitize employees of a company to topics related to IT security. Employees should be able to minimize the dangers to IT security themselves.

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96 percent of companies conduct security awareness training.


US elections – safe from an attack? Russian hackers influenced the last US election. Now, ahead of the next presidential election, Americans are nervous. They should be, because they are vulnerable on a digital level: Brigadier General a. D. and former US defense attaché in Moscow said that the Russians and Americans are still at the very beginning on the subject of cyberspace and have not been able to reach an agreement. How it will turn out remains to be seen.

AI and privacy – do they go together? AI has become an indispensable part of everyday life: searching the Internet, the fastest route to a destination, takes away routine work. In order for AI models to work, they need data. The more data is collected, the greater the risk of data misuse. For example, data can be used for unintended purposes or sold to third parties. But there are technical solutions to maintain data protection. For example, data anonymization and homomorphic encryption. The collected data is changed before it is used any further. A third variant is edge computing or federated learning, in which the user data remains on the end devices. With this decentralized approach, privacy protection is integrated into AI from the start.


“We are at the very beginning when it comes to cyberspace. We haven’t got any agreements yet.”
Kevin Ryan, retired Brigadier General D. and former US Defense Attaché in Moscow.


Security gap in BDSM sextoys from Cellmate: Serious safety flaws have been found in penis cage sextoys from the manufacturer Cellmate. Personal user data including passwords were transmitted without authentication, since the database was previously accessible via the API without being encrypted.

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